We specialise in developing mitigating strategies to ensure organisational resilience, enabling clients to convert risk into competitive advantage

DCPL provides highly experienced risk management consultants who identify, analyse, prioritise and treat potential risks to our clients.

In order to mitigate loss, we develop bespoke and proportionate risk plans that create resilience and reduce individual and corporate exposure. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the measures we recommend are proportionate; adding value in core areas such as increased productivity, sustainable growth and improved local relations

DCPL is a leading business risk consultancy, committed to protecting personnel, assets, profits and reputation.

We provide intelligence led security risk and crisis management solutions to a number of leading international companies, government agencies and private clients. Operating globally, we deliver a highly responsive and proactive resource in challenging and demanding situations.

Our Risk Management Consulting team is well-versed in all aspects of business enablement through the application of risk management practice. With significant expertise in post-conflict and developing regions, our bespoke, flexible and fully supportive risk management solutions embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin.

DCPL has experience across a broad range of industry sectors, assisting organisations in the management of market-entry, business resumption and long-term risk. We provide strategic and operational security risk management support to organisations operating in emerging or complex markets.

An intellectually based approach integrating proportionate and appropriate risk mitigation measures into corporate planning

We work with our clients from project inception through all stages of its operational lifecycle. We are committed to standards of excellence and while our established risk management practices have been operationally validated, we keep them under constant review, always seeking to remain ahead of the developing risk curve.

Experienced in challenging environments, we work collaboratively with clients to develop the most appropriate risk management plan

DCPL monitor and analyse potential threats that could expose an organisation’s business, assets or operations to risk. Our highly professional consultants have experience of working and cooperating with host nation personnel and third party expatriates; we have risk management consultants deployed in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Consulting services include:

Project Management

Design input and development of security systems
Security Management

Security Planning

Comprehensive reviews of existing security systems
Contingency planning to manage security related incidents
Emergency evacuation plans
Outsourced security services
Journey Management

Risk Management

Executive Protection
Protection of commercial reputation
Security audits and risk assessments
Assisting clients recover from hazardous and potentially volatile situations

We work with all stakeholders to ensure we fully understand your risk appetite