Executive Protection

Appropriate measures to keep international travellers safe, mitigating risk to within corporate or personal tolerances

Ensuring safe passage for your personnel wherever they are in the World is essential to support safe travel plans, mitigating risk and meeting corporate Duty of Care obligations. Personal safety is made more complex when operating in emerging markets and challenging environments.

DCPL currently provides Executive Protection and Journey Management services throughout Nigeria and neighbouring countries. We support client business activities, ranging from high risk, high profile security needs through to discreet security coverage at low profile events or venues. We design and implement appropriate bespoke solutions for each client requirement, based on analysis of threat, vulnerability and the resulting risk levels.

A trusted adviser, we provide intelligence led, technology enabled security risk and crisis management solutions that embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin.

Experienced in the design of Executive Protection and Journey Management programmes, we deliver cost-effective, flexible and reliable services for a broad range of clients travelling in high risk environments and developing regions.

Executive Protection

While it is impossible to predict the future with certainty, DCPL can assess the likelihood and impact of risks inherent in client travel itineraries. We have provided measured and appropriate cost-effective services for a variety of travellers, from school teachers, NGO staff and expatriate operatives to multinational executives in West Africa.

Our Executive Protection specialists are expert in the provision of discreet security solutions:

Services range from a reliable transport solution; a vehicle to collect travelers unfamiliar with their destination to a security trained driver or a dedicated Security Consultant.

Where we do not have our own in-country staff we provide personnel from our network of vetted, reliable and safe local partner companies. Clients, visiting a country where there are security considerations, can be briefed prior to travel, advised on what to expect and what precautions they may need to take, also clients receive individually designed project plans

Any Security Consultants provided in-country have a clear understanding of the current situation and valuable local knowledge
Our Intelligence Analysts can provide a full country or city background briefing and up-to-the-minute intelligence throughout the visit

Executive Protection and Journey Management planning is proportionate to security needs with professional Travel Risk Management services provided, which are appropriate to the situation and flexible, thereby reducing the risks of the client becoming a victim of crime or violence.

We have significant expertise in preparing journey and crisis management plans as well as assisting clients to recover from hazardous and potentially volatile situations. Our operational personnel are chosen for their proven flexibility under challenging conditions and are supported by our Information Services team of analysts.

Support available from the DCPL 24/7 Response Centre:

Pre-Travel Advice for security and personal safety
Emergency Notification Service allowing travellers to be better prepared
Travel Security Advice
Geo-fence and tracking solutions monitored
Emergency Medical Referrals
A trained Crisis Management Team