Offshore Project Security

Complex security solutions in challenging environments that comply with international standards and corporate governance to protect offshore installations and infrastructure

DCPL works with numerous multinational companies operating within the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors. We create safe and secure environments, with protection from piracy and criminal activities, for onshore and offshore installations and infrastructure.

We fully understand the critical need for proportionate security strategies to enable our clients to operate in challenging environments. We have developed a deep understanding of the complex nature of offshore project security and the significant accompanying financial, logistical, HSSE and physical demands experienced by our clients, their suppliers and support network.

The leading provider of maritime security solutions to the Oil & Gas industry operating off the coasts of West Africa, we provide intelligence led, technology enabled security risk and crisis management solutions in support of large dynamic offshore exploration; seismic survey, drilling and cable/pipeline laying operations. Our Offshore Project Security teams are experts in providing bespoke, flexible solutions that embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin

With a significant number of major offshore projects completed safely and successfully in the Gulf of Guinea, we have accumulated many thousands of man days’ experience and enabled our clients to operate without any loss of production time due to security incidents or related issues.

The protection of offshore projects whether exploratory drilling, seismic survey or pipeline and cable-laying requires careful planning and the coordination of all stakeholders; primarily the operator or contractor, the security company and the military or police agencies from the country in whose territorial waters or Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) the project is being conducted

We build on the following key components:
  • Effective operational delivery
  • Compliant regional support network
  • Experienced and commercially focussed executive management
  • Reliable onshore representation
  • Proactive command and control
Working with Host Nations

One of our most important roles is to liaise between the company responsible for delivering the task and the country’s military or police personnel directed to protect territorial waters. This role sees us working with Host Nation forces to ensure they are familiar with the unique requirements of the offshore industry, and with the Oil & Gas companies and Support Vessel providers to ensure they have confidence in the security measures being put in place to safeguard them as they conduct their business. We have worked alongside many different Navies and Coastguards.

Driving Standards of Health Safety Security & Environment

We integrate with our clients’ operational requirements and build the combined safety and security standards required to deliver a successful solution. With our relentless focus on Health & Safety we have embedded a strong safety culture among our worldwide workforce. DCPL procedures are fully compliant with the OGP 432 standard and our fully documented and transparent HSSE processes are designed to give clients’ confidence that we can operate safely in, on and around their own critical processes.

Constant vigilance to safeguard projects conducted offshore