Travel Risk Management

A comprehensive service providing a high level of Duty of Care for your business traveller anywhere in the World

DCPL understands the criticality of providing a safe and secure environment for international travellers.

We work closely with our clients to establish proactive and tailored rules and protocols that reflect individual risk management appetites, and enable corporations and organisations to operate safely and efficiently anywhere in the World. Our integrated approach allows us to develop robust plans and implement risk mitigation measures that are appropriate and proportionate to our clients’ needs.

Our Travel Risk Management services offer travel and security managers a means to meet their Duty of Care commitments by reducing risks for their executives travelling abroad or working in remote locations.

DCPL is a leading business risk consultancy, committed to protecting personnel, assets, profits and reputation.

We provide intelligence led, technology enabled security risk and crisis management solutions to a number of leading international companies, government agencies and private clients globally.

Our Information, Travel & Response (ITR) teams are recognised experts in delivering a highly responsive and proactive resource in challenging and demanding situations. With significant expertise in post-conflict and developing regions, our bespoke, flexible and fully supportive security solutions embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin.

Pre-Travel Advice & Training

Travellers can be prepared before departure and kept updated while travelling. Security and personal safety advice is also at the end of the phone with advice and assistance available from our 24/7 Response Centre.

GRM provides access to the latest security and travel risk related information with online Country Risk Reports and 24/7 Global Situation Alerts. GRM has practical advice on doing business abroad and the key threats involved.

Through our consultancy we provide classroom or field-based training; from travel security awareness to hostile environment training.

Travel Tracking & Monitoring

DCPL has significant experience in tracking and responding to personnel in high risk areas as well as the routine monitoring of corporate travellers. Our tracking solutions range from a comprehensive SOS with Check-In, Call Response, Alerts and Country Information functionality to tracking devices that include designs for extreme weather conditions.

We tailor tracking services to match individual requirements on consideration of a variety of factors such as destination, location and risk. Options include setting geo-fence boundaries and determining a range of security alerts.

Rapid Response, Assistance and Evacuations

Staffed around-the-clock by skilled and experienced controllers, our 24/7 Response Centre enables DCPL to respond, coordinate and offer guidance to clients during crisis, emergency response, evacuation and kidnap for ransom events.

Protecting your business travellers around the World