Maritime Security

Protecting vessels with a range of anti-piracy and maritime security consultancy services

DCPL is a premium provider of security services to the maritime industry; supplying a comprehensive set of risk mitigation solutions to the international shipping community.

We understand the complexities within the maritime industry and the challenges facing our clients; financially, legally and ethically. Our expertise has helped crews to stay safe, led to lower insurance premiums and assured stakeholders that their personnel and assets are secure.

DCPL is a leading business risk consultancy, committed to protecting personnel, assets, profits and reputation.

We provide intelligence led, technology enabled security risk and crisis management solutions. A trusted adviser in the provision of anti-piracy and maritime security, our consultants operate in the most efficient and effective way possible and embrace cultural diversity regardless of origin.

Our maritime protection measures reflect our extensive and significant experience gained from a number years of delivering maritime security services to the oil & gas industry, along with the wider shipping community.

Maritime Security

Supported by the capability and experience of our dedicated 24/7 Response team, our maritime security services include:

  • Maritime Business Intelligence
  • Maritime Risk Analysis
  • Risk Assessments and Security Plans
  • Vessel Security Reviews
  • Competent Authority (SSAS Testing)
  • Kidnap and Response Consultancy

DCPL operates in full compliance with IMO guidelines; taking a lead role in driving standards and in the ethical and professional delivery of security and risk management services.

We are committed to the robust consideration of the Human Rights impact of private security and the raising of standards internationally.

Providing piracy risk mitigation for your crew and vessel