Tracking Solutions

DCPL is able to offer high-tech tracking solutions for people, vehicles and other assets that offers peace of mind to our clients.

Our vehicle tracking solution is a based on a product that combines Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM/GPRS communication systems to track the position and situation of a vehicle at any given time. The GPS system locates the vehicle and sends the position/situation report back to the vehicle owner/client and/or DCPL Control Room via GSM/GPRS communication system.

Our solution allows your asset to be tracked one demand or round the clock. In the event that your vehicle is targeted by criminals, our tracking solution will enable us to locate the vehicle, immobilise the vehicle and support a recovery operation by law enforcement agencies.

We offer bespoke services that you can tailor to your own requirements, allowing you to activate the system in a number of modes. You can choose to have the tracker switched on permanently, at specific times of day or in response to the activation of a discreet emergency/panic button.