Journey Management Services

DCPL offers a full complement of journey management security and risk services to help ensure the safety of your personnel. It doesn’t matter whether business takes you to a location that is known for high crime or you are a high-ranking personnel who may be a target of potential crime, DCPL will be there to protect you. We offer the protection, including medical assistance if required.

We are a leader in international medical, security and travel assistance services, We draw up foreign situation advisories, provide logistical support, screen transportation services and track personnel hours-on-duty, road and weather conditions. Our Operations Centre is manned by highly trained crisis response experts.

DCPL Journey management suite includes:

  • Transport Logistics
  • Close Protection Details
  • Secure Airport Transfer Services
  • Highly trained Protocol Officers providing ‘Meet-And-Greet’ services
  • Journey Security Risk Assessments
  • Real-time Intelligence Briefings